Insurance firm behind Boots travel insurance accused of denying life-saving flights

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Nowadays, in this generation, it’s extremely difficult to hide anything from anyone especially if you’re a celebrity of a successful firm. With our new technologies and the internet, everything about a public figure is exposed. Whenever any event takes place in a celebrity’s life or if a company went, for example, bankrupt, you’ll find all sorts of media and paparazzi and all the reporters along with the newspapers writing about it.

Internet with all its benefits, also exposes to us some of the dirty shady deals or things made by public or private firms. The worldwide web is now fired up with news about the most recent incident about the boot travel insurance company.

For all those living under a rock, here is a brief explanation of the situation. The Daily Mail, one of the most popular newspapers around the world posted an article about a Boot travel insurer who is charged of fraud and medical carelessness. Due to the negligence, customers ended up tragically dead after they have been denied emergency flights to home following up being extremely sick on holiday.

Not only that but also the doctors working at the Travel Insurance Facilities are being sued of the same accusations by the General Medical Council, according to the Times magazine. This company is well-knows in the United Kingdom and in fact it is the second biggest travel insurance company there.

In addition to charges of refusing to give policyholders suitable and appropriate care, they’re also allegedly accused of asking patients to deliver a down payment, unwillingly, in order to provide care on their holidays.

The insurance company of course had to respond to these serious allegations of medical negligence. One of Boot’s TIF spokesman reported to Mail Online that they strongly deny the accusations posted by the Times. He also added that they currently are in the process of taking ‘formal legal proceeding steps’ against the Times in order to protect themselves. Moreover, he also reported that whenever a client feels ill abroad, they firstly think about returning to their beloved ones back home but it may not be certainly what’s best for them medically to achieve what he claims, a full optimal recovery.

Responding to the powerful blames, the company’s agent says that the firm’s vision is to provide ideal medical and clinical outcome and support for patients especially with their extensive wide experience of moving nauseous clients across the world.

The spokesman lastly commented that they selectively choose the company’s partners and expect them to deliver a high quality outcome and customer care just like they do back at Boots.