Former BHS boss ordered to pay over £124,000 for breaking pension rules

Dominic Chappell, who was a former boss’s for BHS, has to pay over £124000 following the court’s order after he was proved to have defied the pension rules and regulations. The former boss had earlier on in January been charged with other three mistakes. These included ignoring and declining to avail required information concerning pensions […]

Insurance firm behind Boots travel insurance accused of denying life-saving flights

Nowadays, in this generation, it’s extremely difficult to hide anything from anyone especially if you’re a celebrity of a successful firm. With our new technologies and the internet, everything about a public figure is exposed. Whenever any event takes place in a celebrity’s life or if a company went, for example, bankrupt, you’ll find all […]

Water too calcareous: what to do?

We can not assess the importance of water on a daily basis. This element has many uses: hydration, cleaning, personal hygiene …, water is, in fact, essential. To ensure the daily needs of a lambda individual, water is quickly made available, within homes, through a system of pipes. In fact, every day we consume and use tap […]

How to make a success of your bathroom?

The bathroom is often one of the favorite rooms of the inhabitants. Why? Because it is often the most enlightened room of the house but also one of those whose layout has been best thought out. Here are some tips to make your bathroom the most beautiful and pleasant room in the house. Understand the available space  The first thing […]

What heating for his house?

Several types of heating are available for homes. Some are more effective than others, but which ones? A short overview. Electric heating: This is done using electric heaters . Like all types of heating, it has several advantages and disadvantages. First, the initial investment cost remains very low. Moreover, the installation is simple and the use remains childish. There is also a lack […]